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Upcoming Activities, Events, Meetings, and Speakers

DATE EVENT or SPEAKER TOPIC Program or Project Chair

11/4 Kris Rebillot Petaluma Senior Advisory Committee Matt S. 
11/11 Maryle Brauer + 1 Sonoma Bee Keepers Assoc  matt s
11/17 PVR BOARD Meeting via ZOOM - 5:30 PM  
11/18 Karen Strolia Downtown Streets Team matt s
11/22 Sharing Tree Project Social Distancing Tag Writing Party Dawn
11/25 DARK due to Thanksgiving 
11/27 Sharing Tree Project Trees Go Up at Banks Dawn
12/2 Raine Howe Polly Klaas Center for the Performing Arts Bruce S. 
12/15 PVR BOARD Meeting
12/20 Sharing Tree Project Social Distancing Gift Wrapping Party Dawn
12/22-23 Sharing Tree Project Gift Distribution and Delivery Dawn
12/30 DARK due to New Years holiday
01/13 Kathy Flamson PDG Talks about Youth Exchange
01/20 Interact Our High School Interacters Take Charge
01/27 Garth Bixler Visual thinking Strategies
01/28 SCARC Meeting 5:30 - Hosted by PVR
02/03 Dave King Petaluma Government Update