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Lend a Hand to Education...

Teacher Mini-Grants help Petaluma students

Rotary’s Lend a Hand to Education program demonstrates that a community working together can make a difference in children’s education.

The Lend a Hand to Education program was initiated during Rotary’s 2003-2004 year.
We surveyed the needs of youth and education in our community, and found that school budgets were so tight that teachers often dig into their own pockets to provide classroom materials for students. These needs are even more critical today.

The program's primary and only purpose is to raise funds for Petaluma school teacher mini-grants of up to $250 each. Over the past fourteen years, Rotary's Lend a Hand to Education has awarded $208,600 in grants to Petaluma teachers, grades K-12.

A total of nearly $23,000 was donated for the 2017-18 school year, funding 108 grants in 29 schools. No administrative fees are deducted ... 100% goes to the classrooms.

Teacher applications are reviewed in September/October of each school year for Lend a Hand to Education grants. Funded projects include field trips, science lab equipment, biotechnology supplies,  engineering materials, math applications, innovative reading and writing tools, machine shop accessories, binoculars, health care screening kits, art supplies, musical instruments, dance programs, special education books, world globes and maps, hardware and software, etc.

In order to fund the maximum number of grant requests, Rotary seeks corporate and community donations … and we see an outpouring of support from local residents, businesses and Rotarians wishing to help the schools fund these unique educational projects.

We appreciate the cooperative efforts of the Rotary Clubs of Petaluma Sunrise and Petaluma Valley to support the education of our youth.

Please join us in making a difference by supporting Lend of Hand to Education in Petaluma.

All donations to the Lend a Hand to Education component fund of Petaluma Valley Rotary Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, Tax ID# 68-0222925, are tax deductible.

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Aloha Solar
Archbold Insurance Associates
Bryant, Terry
Carter, Jennifer & Matt
Cinnamon, John
Clover Sonoma
CSW/Stuber-Stroeh Engineering
England, Carol
Fishman Supply, Leland Fishman
FitzGerald, Libby & John
Freitas, Greg
Guggemos, Barbara & Dennis
Haire, Theresa & Michael
Hansen, Dave & Pat
Hartley, Loretta
Jacobson, Noah
Johns, Paulie
Johnson, Dave & Karen
Johnson, Sally & Will
Lederhaus, Juli & Walt
Lin, Ted
Midstate Construction

O’Grady, Jim & Joanne
Patterson, Jerrie
Petaluma Coffee & Tea Co.
Petaluma Health Care District
Powers, Dan
Praetzel, Paul
Pratt, Ciera
Rice, Russell & Helene Spivak
Richardson, Deborah
Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise
Rotary Club of Petaluma Valley
Seddon, Janet
Thornton, Josephine
Tirsell, Jack
Top Speed Data Communications
Wagner, Marion
Watts, David & Janet
Wedge, Ralph & Jennifer
Westgate Real Estate
X2nSat, Garrett Hill
Zimmerman, Diane & Rich

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