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Ritko Vocational and Education Scholarship --- Due Date: February 5, 2020

This scholarship is intended to provide a helping hand for young people who face special challenges in achieving educational or career advancement or in obtaining conventional educational scholarships. Applicants who have suffered financial hardship; difficult family or housing situations; or who have made poor personal decisions but demonstrate they are rehabilitated and willing to accept responsibility for their own future (certification of at least 12 months of recovery must be proven); or who have learning disabilities that may hamper them academically but do not prevent them from pursuing educational and career objectives. The Committee is looking for students who have demonstrated the determination to complete high school with improving grades.

Applications may be submitted electronically (submit to submit@petalumavalleyrotary.org) or can be mailed to:
Ritko Fund c/o Jim O'Grady
1485 McGregor Ave
Petaluma CA 94954

Click here to download the application

Click here to download Introductory letter to our Ritko-Pozzi scholarship

  cComplete Application
- - - be sure to include essay
  cHave one letter of recommendation
- - - email to Rotary, or mail to the above address
  cBe sure to have all information to Petaluma Valley Rotary
- - - no later than February 5, 2020