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The Holiday Sharing Tree program was started several years ago by the Petaluma Valley Rotary Club. The program encourages the community of Petaluma to share in the giving of Christmas gifts to the residents of several of the convalescent homes in the city of Petaluma. The Petaluma Valley Rotary Club places Christmas Trees in several businesses. Names of the residents of the convalescent homes are collected and transferred to coded tags that have a present request from one of the residents of the convalescent homes. The community is encouraged to take the tags and fill the request, wrap the gift, secure the tag to the gift and return it to one of the trees. The Petaluma Valley Rotary Club members then collect the gifts, go shopping for gift requests that were not filled by the community, decode the tags, secure a tag with the recipients name on the gift, and deliver them to the home.

Dawn Davis, spearheads
our Holiday Sharing Tree