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Adopt A Village, Osukuru, Uganda

Along with the Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 5130, Petaluma Valley Rotary has funded a number of projects for Osukuru.


The people of Osukuru are engaged in a daily struggle for survival, so the purpose of the projects is to help them with basic nutrition, clean water, health and education, and ultimately to help them on the road to economic growth.


Community Meetings

Petaluma Valley Rotary is working with the Rotary Club of Tororo, Uganda, who are directly implementing the projects in Osukuru. Tororo Rotarians have held extensive meetings and training sessions with the Osukuru Community


Osukuru Clean Water Project

A major goal is to bring clean water to the whole of Osukuru by connecting with the municipal water supply (over a mile away) and establishing six convenient locations in the village where people will have access to clean water.


New High Quality Goats to Improve Milk Yields

The Rotary program provided 20 �exotic� goats to improve the community�s existing stock and provide higher milk yields in order to improve nutrition for children and offer additional income.


Sponsoring Students to Attend Secondary School

While primary school education is funded by the government, there are fees to attend secondary schools. Many children cannot attend secondary school because their families cannot afford the fees or their parents have died from AIDS or other diseases. Petaluma Valley Rotary has raised funds in order to provide 11 secondary school scholarships.


Health Issues

Two of the biggest health problems in Osukuru are malaria and respiratory diseases. To help with malaria prevention, the Rotary program has provided treated mosquito nets. To avoid the respiratory problems caused by paraffin candles for lighting, each family will receive a hurricane lamp.