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Club Awards

2016-2017 District Awards

District Distinquished Club of The Year
s5 Avenues of Service Award
Youth Service Award
International Service Award
Club Service Award
Community Service Award

2009-2010 District Awards

Membership Development 2nd Place
Vocational Service 2nd Place
Website 2nd Place
Youth Service 1st Place
International Service 1st Place
Club Service 1st Place
Club Bulletin 1st Place
CLUB OF THE YEAR - Medium Club Category
Todd Cary: Special Recognition for District Photographer

2008-2009 District Awards
Club service - 1st
Community service - 2nd
International Service - 2nd
Vocational Service - 1st
Youth Service - 2nd
Website - 3rd
International Meritorious Award: Pamela Tuft, Jo Thornton
4 Avenues of Service Citation from Rotary International: Sheila Bride

2007-2008 District Awards
Club service - Gold
Community service - Silver
International Service - Gold
Vocational Service - Bronze
Website - Bronze

2005-2006 District Awards
Distinguished Club of the Year Outstanding Performance – Club Service
Exceptional Performance – Community Service
Outstanding Performance – Vocational Service
Outstanding Performance – International Service
Outstanding Performance - Youth Service
Exceptional Fellowship Award
2005-2006 International Awards
Rotary International’s Best Cooperative Project
for Rotary Walks!

2004-2005 - Medium Club Category
Club of the Year
International Service - Gold
Vocational Service - Gold
Community Service - Gold
Club Service - Gold
Club Bulletin - Silver
Club Website - Gold
Youth Service/Interact - Gold
Centennial Project - Gold

2003-2004 - Small Club Category
Best Rotary Club of the Year 2003-2004
Best Web Site of the Year 2003-2004
1st Place - Community Service
j1st Place - International Service
1st Place - Youth Service
2nd Place - Club Bulletin
2nd Place - Vocational Service
3rd Place Award for our work with Casa Grande High School Interact Club.

Rotary International 2003-2004 Public Relations Award "for outstanding achievement in launching a successful public relations campaign to promote awareness and understanding of Rotary."

Petaluma Valley Rotary, Petaluma Rotary and Petaluma Sunrise Rotary clubs also received a District 5130 "Homer Wood Award" for our cooperative World Community Service project in Guatemala

2002-2003 - Medium Club Category
Best Web Site of the year 2002-2003
1st Place - Bulletin

Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award
John G. Strong