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iThese girls are compelled to fetch water from the river every morning because their school does not have access to water.  Sebastopol Sunrise has taken the lead, with PVR and other Rotary clubs in support, to bring rain water harvesting and private toilets to their school.

Source: E. Africa Project Fair, 2018 which PVR attended
GG Project: $68,500 approx.
Total Club Contributions Needed: $19,600 approx.
PVR Club Commitment: $2,000
Status:  100% funded by clubs, District and TRF approvals in process. 

iSebastopol Sunrise led Sonoma County clubs in installing solar power at Albergue Mano Amiga in Guadalajara, a hostel that houses, free of charge, people from the villages who are receiving cancer treatments at the nearby hospital. Before the hostel existed, the fatality rate for cancer patients was very high because of the difficulties they faced returning from the village for treatment.

Source: Long term relationship between RC Guadalajara Chapultepec and several District 5130 clubs.
DG Project: total cost $11,250
PVR Club Cost: $2,250
Status:  Completed; the dedication was attended by PVR last December.

Eastern Uganda
iSanta Rosa East is leading numerous Rotary clubs in Sonoma County (including Petaluma Valley) in bringing desks, text books and school meals to children.  Currently the schools do not provide lunch because of the cost, so many children (and teachers!) go hungry. By providing solar panels for cooking, the schools will now be able to afford to feed students.

Project Source: Long term relationship of RC Tororo with several local clubs. PVR members visited the schools and participated in group sessions in 4/18.
GG Project: approx. total cost $99,900
Total Club Contributions Needed: $28,500
PVR Club Commitment: $2,000
Status:  now 100% funded by clubs; District and TRF approvals in process. 

Guatemala: Lake Atitlán Water and Sanitation
iIndigenous communities in Guatemala are very poor and most also lack clean water and functioning sanitation.  As a result, Lake Atitlán is getting increasingly polluted, causing substantial health issues, especially for children.  This is Phase 2 of a long-term project led by the RC Northfield, MN and RC Lake Atitlán to provide clean water and proper sanitation to all communities around the lake.  This phase is scheduled for Los Planes, Pamezabel and Chuijomil communities along with Mil Milagros School.

Project Source: Uniendo America Project Fair 2018 in Belize and Atlanta/Toronto International Conventions
GG Project: TBD (engineering studies in progress)
Total Club Contributions Needed: TBD
PVR Club Commitment: $2,000
PVR Member Donations: $5.000
Status:  PVR visited project sites and attended government meetings 1/19. Awaiting engineering report.

Southwest Uganda 
iPVR is leading a project to bring ultrasound and other needed medical equipment to support maternity care at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, which serves 2 million people and where the maternity units are experiencing preventable deaths and morbidity in both mothers and babies.

GG Project: total cost $35,000 approx.
Project Source:  Worldwide Healing Hands (Dr. Paula Dhanda, CEO) conducts annual medical training in Kabale.
Total Club Contributions Needed: $10,000 approx.
PVR Club Commitment: $4,500 ($2,000 in club funds, $2,500 in member donations)
Other club commitments:  $5,500 from Rancho-Cotati, Middletown and Petaluma.
Status:  100% funded by clubs, final proposal by hospital under development

Ecuador:  Organic Demonstration Farm Market Expansion
iPVR and other local clubs participated previously in an “agro-ecological” demonstration farm in La Esperanza, Pedro Moncayo County, in the Andes. The project received accolades both from the Rotary Foundation and others, including local authorities and communities.  Phase 2 is a social enterprise program to market the produce both from the farm and from trained local farmers as an “agro-ecological” brand. Marketing includes a “mobile market” – a refrigerated truck especially equipped for display and sale. The project is led by RC Winnetka-Northfield in Illinois.

Project Source: Ecuador Project Fair.  PVR visited demonstration farm in 2017.
GG Project: $138,000
Total Club Contributions Needed: $40,000 approx.
PVR Club Commitment: $2,500
Status:  Fund-raising is within $5,000 of total project cost.  Expected submission to TRF by 5/30/19

Guatemala: Mayan Power and Light
iMeticulously developed training and social enterprise program that trains Mayan women in the sales and installation of solar power, clean cookstoves and water filters in indigenous communities.  The program develops local business skills while providing affordable power to homes and schools and offering a variety of environmentally sustainable solutions.  PVR was one of the early leaders of this project; the primary lead club is now Ann Arbor, MI.

Project Source: Uniendo America Project Fair, Belize, 2018
GG Project: $85,000
Total Club Contributions Needed: $24,300 approx.
PVR Club Commitment: $5,000 (may vary subject to fund-raising levels in Ann Arbor)
Status:  International club fund-raising in process.

PVR Long Term Scholarship Program:  Final Students

10-year project that has supported 16 students from the end of elementary school through secondary school and, for most, also through university or vocational programs.

Funded by PVR member donations, Rotaract and Interact


Upcoming New Projects for Consideration

Uganda:  Anthill Foundation Mobile Medical Team with scholarship student Remmy.
iThe Rural Health Team with mobile medical support in Eastern Uganda is getting under way. This program has been spearheaded by the Anthill Foundation and will provide much-needed access to medical care to remote villages and patients without transportation. Funding been provided by PVR donors and Casa Grande Interact to support our scholarship student, Remigio Epuwat, in the first phase of this endeavor.  If the project proves to be sustainable, then there is a high probability that there will be a need for a Global Grant to expand coverage into a broader area in FY 2019-20.

Mexico Relationship Revival to Provide Humanitarian Aid and a Friendly Introduction to International Service
iSeveral District 5130 clubs have close ties to numerous clubs in Jalisco and surrounding states (esp. Guadalajara and environs) through a longstanding program.  Meetings are taking place to renew and refresh those relationships.  Several worthwhile club-to-club projects have surfaced and are under consideration by attendees.

Because of its proximity, Mexico (along with Guatemala) is considered a priority area for introducing new PVR recruits to International Service.  The club is developing “Introductory tours” so PVR members can visit projects, community members and Rotarians in these countries.