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PVR Related Meetings and Activities for Make-ups:

   (Make-ups need to be completed within 2 weeks of missed meeting!)

PVR Board Meeting. Come to our next board meeting: Check with our club president about dates and times.

Weekly Interact Meeting.  Interact meets at Casa Grande High School each Tuesday at 12:05 PM, Room M24 (Ms. Cain, campus advisor). Simply check in at the school office for the 1/2 hour meeting.

Upcoming Activities.  Here are a few club events where you can make-up:

Committee Meetings.  Here are some active committee meetings you can attend as a make-up:

Distict Activies.  Attend one of the following for a make-up:

Online Make-ups

Rotary E Club One - go to make up
Rotary E Club West - go to make up
Rotary E Club Southewest - go to make up
E Club of the Carolinas - go to make up
District 7890 Make-up - go to make up