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Imagine a Rotary World

Welcoming all
Sharing common goals
Friendship     Service       Humanity
Extending our family
Like a beehive      working as one
Living the Four-Way Test
People of action
Our Tribute is to contribute
Eyes always open to
hands reaching out for help
Building community
Changing lives with cooperation
Accomplishing almost everything
Deep inside of all of us
is a desire to give
Service above and beyond self
is in the end service for self
Imagine a Rotary world
A village created to raise
our watchful world
Where each Rotarian
is a part of inventing
an imagined world
Helping each other
in turn helps
Our small selves giving
and expanding
to fill     overflow
the worthy world

A found poem written by
Rotary Club of Petaluma Valley July 2022
(With Thanks to Our Friend and Poet Laureate Marianne Lyon)