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Petaluma Service Alliance - A Community Outreach Committee

The Service Alliance was born out of a curiosity to learn more about what our fellow Clubs in Service are so busy doing in our Community. A Community very well recognized as being very giving and involved in the needs of our fellow Petalumans.

In 2008,three Clubs, Petaluma Host Lions, Petaluma Elks Lodge and Petaluma Valley Rotary came together to explore and define what it would mean to come together as an outreach Committee of our respective Clubs, what our goals and guidelines would be, and by joining forces could we impact the Community needs in a more global way.

The Alliance would bring a higher “Service Clubs Profile “to the Community, come together for projects which would fill a need rather than a “want”, and in general make a difference.

COTS KITCHEN sent out a call to the greater Community of their need for help.The Alliance responded by doing a remodel at the site on Payran St.including completely painting the interior, new windows, doors ,insulating their freezer unit,welding,etc.

The Committee grew to seven Clubs in 2009 as Petaluma Rotary, Petaluma 7 11 Lions and Petaluma Kiwanis came on board to take on a renovation at our OLD ADOBE DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES recycling Center. New appliances, furniture, etc. were donated by the larger Commnity and the respective Clubs. They remodeled, installed new doors and moved several offices thereby creating an employee break room.

The next project was a need to get two homeless, disabled Veterans off the street. The Alliance completely furnished a two story, two bedroom apartment Incuding filling the kitchen cabinets with staples. The Committee is presently taking on another project and is looking forward to the gathering together for comradery and Community Service.

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