Petaluma Valley's Yearly Service Projects

Petaluma Valley Rotary's Service Projects

Rotary started with it' s first service project in 1907 with the construction of a Public Restroom. Similar to how many of our projects start, Paul Harris saw the people of Chicago had a need and Rotary created a project to fix that need. What needs do you believe our community have and can Rotary fix it?

 Rotary shows that we are not too small to make a difference in this world.

Our Yearly Projects

Lend A Hand - Teacher mini-grants to help Petaluma students.

COTS Holiday Party - Holiday gifts for the homeless and transitional families.

COTS Backpacks - Backpacks and school supplies for the homeless and transitional families.

Sharing Tree - Holiday Gifts to to isolated residents of Petaluma's convalescent homes

Youth Exchange - Hosting students abroad for a year-long academic, social and cultural exchange.

RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Leadership development program for young people

Cool Kids Camp - Rotary Summer Camp

Passion Projects - A new Rotarians each year construct projects for their passions


From the Past Couple of Years

John Moller's Year 2023-2024

Tri-Club Project - Working with the other 2 Petaluma Rotary Clubs to create a shaded area at the Petaluma River Park.

Loma Vista Reading Patio - revitalizing our reading patio at Loma Vista

Emergency Prep Help - 2 part seminar helping seniors prepare for emergencies. 

Armstrong Redwoods - 3rd year rebuilding fences 

River Camp Sponsorships 

Floathouse camp sponsorships- Sponsoring youth from Mentor Me.

ReLeaf Petaluma - Planting 77 new trees at Miwok Elementary School and Park.

Peace Poles - Putting Peace Poles in several schools in Petaluma.

Artaluma - Sponsoring youth to an art program

Canine Companions Lunches - Preparing 2 lunches for their staff

Juli Lederhaus's Year 2022-2023

Tri-Club Project - Working with the other 2 Petaluma Rotary Clubs to host a Community Needs Assessment to determine the needs in Petaluma

Tri-Club Project - Working with the other 2 Petaluma Rotary Clubs to add an ADU at Leghorn Park

Armstrong Redwoods - 2nd year rebuilding fences

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